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Summers Rubber isn’t just an industrial hose, fittings, and accessories distributor – we’re a problem-solving squad dedicated to addressing our customers’ distinct needs. Since W.H. Summers established the company in 1949, our path has been paved with a unique dedication to customer requirements, combined with a deep-rooted understanding of hose, fittings, and accessories. We’re not just providers of hydraulic hoses, industrial hoses, metal & PTFE hoses, and lifting products – we’re quality champions committed to delivering the finest hoses and fittings to our customers.

Over Seven Decades of Serving Customers

The journey of Summers Rubber Company started in 1949, when W.H Summers laid the foundation for an industrial hose products supplier. The journey has seen us expanding our boundaries beyond New Castle, PA, reaching out to Ohio with service centers in Cleveland, Akron, Dover, Eastlake, Mansfield, and Marietta. Today, we stand strong as a part of Singer Industrial, a value-added group in the industrial rubber products sector, enhancing our product offering and services manifold. Our mission is to provide customer-centric solutions, forge strong relationships, and design programs that not only reduce procurement costs and increase productivity but also foster a safer work environment and product manufacture.

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