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lifting products
lifting products

Summers Rubber Company Company only supplies you with the best-fabricated lifting products: wire rope, synthetic, alloy chain, metal mesh, and high-performance slings. Versatile and varying in texture, flexibility, and strength; these slings can be utilized for lifting any type of load no matter the size, weight, shape or fragility.

  • High-Performance Slings
  • Wire Rope Slings
  • Synthetic Web Slings
  • Alloy Chain Slings
  • Roundslings
  • Socket Lines
  • Metal Mesh Slings
  • Pipelines Slings

When You Get Your Slings From Summers Rubber Company Company You Get…

Protective Coatings

To protect the finished webbing against moisture and dirt penetration, all of the slings Summers Rubber Company Company distributes are treated with a special coating during their final stages of looming to promote cohesion of the yarns in the fabric.

Red-Guard® Wear Warning

Excluding Econylon™, the Red-Guard® Wear Warning comes standard in all distributed slings. Red-Guard web features, inner, load-bearing yarns that carry over 80% of the load. When the protective outer layer of the webbing is worn away, it exposes the red yarns of the inner layer—meaning it’s time to remove and replace that sling immediately!

Nylon or Polyester Slings

Both materials are heavy webbing loomed specifically to deliver the most dependable service in tough industrial conditions. Summers Rubber Company provides each in two grades of strength ratings.  Nylon and polyester perform equally well in many applications, but each is designed for use in specific conditions.

Synthetic Web Slings

Synthetic web slings are made using polyester or nylon flat webbing and are the preferred sling when lifting highly-polished, fragile or delicate loads that have to be protected from damage. Nylon webbing is available upon request, but not the standard material used in fabrication at Tuffy Products. The soft texture of the webbing will not mar, deface or scratch the loads while the wide surface area ensures a firm secure grip around the load. It’s recommended to use sling protection between the sling and load edges when using web slings.

Polyester Roundslings

Summer’s Rubber stocks Flexi-Grip® roundslings which are lightweight, have superior flexibility and conform to the shape of the load. Roundslings are made using polyester load yarns and seamless tubing with no stitched edges to become snagged. Roundslings are pliable and offer some protection to fragile and odd-shaped loads. 

lifting products

Rigging Tools & Hardware

lifting products
Summers Rubber Company Company is a distributor of various rigging hardware for synthetic slings. Of this hardware, Crosby is the market leader in rigging products. Crosby reached this level through engineering excellence, quality control, durability, recognized dependability, industrial education, and customer service.
lifting products
  • Web Sling Shackles
  • Web Connectors
  • Bolt Type Anchor Shackles
  • Screw Pin Anchor Shackles
  • Sling Connectors
  • Web/Chain Connectors
  • Synthetic Sling Hooks
  • Sliding Choker Hooks
  • Plate Clamps
  • Lifting Magnets
  • Rollers
  • Hydraulic Jacks

Wire Rope

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” font_size=”h4″]Whatever your wire rope job may be, Summers Rubber Company can special order what you need![/dt_quote]

Common Applications

  • Crane Ropes
  • Mooring Lines
  • Drill Lines
  • Hoist Ropes
  • Drag Lines
  • Boom Lines

Industrial steel wire ropes from Union Wire Rope and WireCo are used for industrial material handling equipment and products, heavy lifting equipment, and general purpose lifting.

Hoists & Winches

Summers Rubber Company Company can special order lifting products such as; Hoists & Winches that are made for lifting, lowering, and transporting loads of all sizes.

lifting products
lifting products

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