Metalflex Hose for Industrial Applications – 316 Stainless Steel Male NPT with High Temperature Range & Chemical Compatibility – X006-0100-0600-SS-MPXMP

Metalflex Hose for Industrial Applications – 316 Stainless Steel Male NPT with High Temperature Range & Chemical Compatibility – X006-0100-0600-SS-MPXMP

This metalflex hose is designed to handle the toughest industrial applications. This annular standard pitch mechanically formed hose is designed for flexibility and durability. All metal hoses offer a wide range of chemical compatibility and high temperature range.

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316 Stainless Steel

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Allow us to introduce you to the X006-0100-0600-SS-MPXMP, an industrial solution designed to be the ultimate lifesaver for those seeking a strong and resilient metalflex hose. Imagine a hose that has the capacity to thrive even in the harshest industrial environments, leaving you worry-free thanks to its durability and superior design.

Our annular standard pitch mechanically formed hose is engineered to handle an array of conditions such as extreme temperatures, high pressures, and abrasive chemicals with ease. Unlike other hoses that collapse under such duress, the X006-0100-0600-SS-MPXMP maintains its strength and resilience thanks to its superior design. With this hose, you’ll have a reliable addition to your industrial machinery, without the need for constant repairs or maintenance.

Constructed with 316 Stainless Steel tubes, our metal hose is uniquely designed to have excellent chemical compatibility while maintaining corrosion resistance, so it will withstand even the most corrosive chemicals. This makes it the ideal choice for those seeking the ultimate protection for their equipment. It features an impressive inner diameter of 1 inch and an outer diameter of 1.41 inches, which means it offers an exceptional capacity to handle operating pressures of up to 975 psi. This makes it a top contender for industrial hoses, as it competently withstands heavy use and ensures your workers’ safety.

Our hose also possesses a remarkable burst ratio of 04:01:00, providing a heightened sense of security while on-the-job— maintaining its shape throughout use and ensuring it’s safe for your workers. It has a vacuum rating of 29 and a bend radius of 5.3, factors that add to its versatility, making it highly adaptable to meet your specific needs.

It’s rare to find a hose that combines flexibility, strength, and chemical resistance. The X006-0100-0600-SS-MPXMP, however, has all these features and much more. With its braid coverage of 0.95 and superior construction, this industrial hose is a must-have for anyone wanting to upgrade their machinery and ensure safety, reliability, and durability, making it the best choice for those who take pride in their work and want the best protection for their equipment.

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